The modern aesthetic and the innovative sartorial techniques allow Corelate to be a responsive and significant brand, able to merge the bold eccentricity of the vintage taste with the contemporary surroundings.

Founded in 2016 by Maurizio Tedeschi, since the beginning the design approach has been outlined by colors, high-standards of tailoring and uncommon use of fabrics.
Being charmed by 70s and 80s, Corelate promotes an ongoing dialogue with the global environment and new culture perspectives as a pulse to give shape and movement to each garment. And so, through the collection, the Corelate story takes its own character between an Avant-garde spirit and the no fitted ready-to-wear in a balanced review of the standards of the brand itself.

An accurate team-work is everyday accompanied by highly qualified Italian manufacturers with the main goal to preserve the philosophy behind the brand by enhancing the new Corelate Relaxed Formal to a specific audience target, as a mix and match between tailor made and the mens’ streetwear enjoyment.